Aftercare/Salon Policies

Pre-care & Aftercare Advice

Skin Tightening

Special care following your treatment...
It is a good idea to avoid excess sun exposure and always apply sunscreen if going out into the sun post treatment. Caring for your skin will ensure the beautiful results of your RF treatments stay with you for a long time to come.

Ultrasound Body Contouring

Ultrasound Body Contouring
For beautiful results following your treatment...
We recommend drinking plenty of fresh water following your Ultrasound Body Contouring treatments as this will greatly help the process of removing the fatty acids naturally from your body.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is also the best way to maintain your results and keep you looking good and feeling great.

Tanning: Pre-Tan Tips

• If waxing, at least a day before tan, preferably 2 days.
• Exfoliate about 8 hours before tan.
• For a better result remove make up.
• If you have a dry skin, moisturise with a water-based moisturiser.
• Do not apply any oils before or after tan.
• Wear loose fitting clothing
• Using only soap and water, shave unwanted body hair, no later than 6 hours before tan.
• No deodorant or perfume, remove before tan After Tan Tips
• Keep the tan on for the recommended time, and avoid contact with water during this time.
• Allow the stipulated developing time to pass, before commencing taking on activities that might cause you to perspire.
• Stay hydrated and moisturise. Recommend the use of the Full Body Moisturiser, Tan extender and body oil.
• Avoid touching or scratching, as this may cause streaks.
• To remove your tan, use a tan remover or exfoliate the entire body, and evenly clear the tan.
• Avoid swimming as this fades the tan quicker.

Lash Extensions: Pre-Treatment

- Remove all makeup
- Patch test 24/48 hrs prior if required
- Avoid caffeine

Lash Extensions: Aftercare Tips

 - Clean lash extensions with professional lash cleanser
- Infill lashes regularly 2-3 weeks
- Avoid products with oil
- No mascara
- No pulling or tugging on extensions
- Do not wet lashes for 24hrs after appt
- We recommend Coco Camilla cloth to remove makeup around eyes
- Avoid cotton pads or regular face wipes/washers on the extensions
- Avoid excessive steam and close contact with any type of heat (cigarettes)
- Pregnancy, hay fever, change of season and medications can alter lash extension retention

Nails: After Nail Tips

- Do not use nails as tools
- Avoid biting and picking nails
- Always use gloves when gardening, using chemicals and submersion in water
- Book infills in every 2-3 weeks
- Do not rip off nail enhancements, we highly recommend to book an appt to soak off and remove gently to ensure nail integrity/health
- Use the pads of your fingers instead of the nails themselves
- Avoid the use of oils around the nails as this can cause lifting   

Waxing: After Wax Tips

- Moisturise
- Exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs
- Avoid sun exposure for 12/24hrs
- Avoid hot showers straight after appt
- Avoid using makeup or harsh products/perfumes over waxed area 12/24hrs  

Salon Policies

At The Land Of Looks, we are committed to creating a customised personal experience. We request that all clients please read following terms below. By following these salon policies we will be able to provide the best service for each and every client. 


We require all clients to arrive on time for their appointment. If you are running more than 15 minutes late, your appointed therapist may see it necessary to reschedule your appointment as this will impact time available for following appointments for next clients.
If you are running late, we encourage you to notify us and we will do our best to accommodate to your circumstances.

From time to time our team may be running behind time. We will always do our best to accommodate you if this is the case.
The waiting area within the salon is reserved for clients with appointments only, persons without appointments that day will be required to wait elsewhere if there are clients waiting in salon without a seat. Please keep noise to a minimum during or waiting for your appointment.

All clients are required to notify staff of any contraindications/allergies that may affect any treatment being performed on themselves that day. Client forms are to be filled out prior to treatment for all new clients and all existing clients’ information will be updated every appointment. No food is allowed in salon for hygiene reasons however beverages are aloud.  

Children & Personal Items

Please note that all personal items are the responsibility of the client at all times.
We fully understand that in some cases you need to bring your child, we please ask for the safety of all clients and children that children are accompanied by an adult at all times, and for safety reasons do not play with or on equipment. Due to the nature of the salon, children are unable to enter treatment rooms or be unsupervised during the parents treatment. 


We ask that cancellations are notified 24hours in advance to avoid no show or late cancellation fee of $25.00. Can notify us via phone, text, email, Facebook or in salon.

Refund Policy

All treatments are non-refundable.
We will gladly exchange a product if it is faulty and will provide a refund if the product has given you a visible reaction and you have informed us within 24- 48hrs.

Eyelash Extensions - If you have had a reaction within 72 hours we will remove at no cost.

Acrylic Nails - Nails come off within 48hrs we will fix at no cost.

We do not refund gift vouchers

Prepaid packages are non refundable and non transferable

Wedding Policy

By making a booking and paying the booking fee with The Land of Looks Beauty Clinic you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions. Please read the the terms and conditions before signing.

Terms & Conditions

 All wedding bookings require a 50% non-refundable booking fee via direct debit to secure the wedding day. Remaining amount is due no later than 7 days before the wedding day. Refunds are not given for any reason within this time, whether that is one or all persons cancelling their services for the day.

The booking fee is deducted off the total price.

A booking will not be secure until the booking fee has been paid.

The booking fee may be transferred to another date for 1 time only and if notice is given more than 30 days from the original booking date. Any further transfers require a new booking fee.

If I am the one who is unable to do the booking due to unforeseen circumstances the booking fee will be refunded in full as soon as possible and an attempt to find a replacement artist will be made.

Makeup will take anywhere from 30 mins- 1 hour each, depending on the look required and if there have been any trials. Please note that timing is a guide only. Although all due care and preparation is taken, The Land of Looks Beauty Salon cannot guarantee that you will be finished at a set time. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure there is enough time provided between the services to be performed and needing to leave. If no one is at the vicinity within 30 minutes of the agreed upon time, the booking will be considered a cancellation. If 1 or more persons decide they no longer would like their service within 14 days of the booking, full payment for that person must still be made. No refunds are given for change of mind. The time has been booked out and allocated for that person, which results in loss of business for The Land of Looks Beauty Salon if they wish to cancel. It is recommended that you ask another person to take their place. There are no fees for change of names/persons. If an additional person would like to have their hair or makeup done on the day, this will only be possible if time allows and full payment must be made on the day.

All makeup applications are 1 look only, with minor adjustments if needed. If you wish for any part of your makeup to be completely redone, an additional $50 fee applies.

Charges apply to start times outside of normal business hours which are before 7am and after 7pm. $50 per hour outside of these times. A minimum of 3 people are required for travel more than 40km from Bundaberg. For distances more than 100km from Bundaberg with a start time prior to 9am, accommodation is required to be covered for the night before.

All locations requiring payment for parking, full cost of parking will be charged to the client. This includes parking at any hotel or venue requiring payment for parking at their vicinity. Parking must be paid for in full, prior to the date of the occasion.

If for any reason we feel the preparation area is unsafe or unclean for us to perform our duties, we have the right to refuse service and to leave the premises immediately and any monies paid will not be refunded. If we feel that the client is being unreasonable regarding the satisfaction with the makeup/hair, and/or application is taking longer than 2 hours, We have the right to refuse services and to leave the premises immediately and any monies paid will not be refunded.

Due to health and safety regulations, no other person is to touch any product or equipment belonging to The Land of Looks Beauty Salon without consent. Please take care if children or pets are present to not be near the preparation area, there may be cords, cables, hot tools, flammable liquids etc. The Land of Looks Beauty Salon cannot be held responsible to any accidents or incidents that occur to children or pets. If there are dogs at the premises, please have them secured outside or in another room before we arrive.

Any loss or damage to products or equipment caused by the client, or any member including children and pets present in the vicinity, whether real, incidental or consequential; the cost of the replacement of these items will charged to the client. An invoice will be sent to the client immediately following the incident to which the client has 21 days to pay the invoice.

The Land of Looks Beauty Salon cannot be held responsible for any reactions to the skin or face that may occur after a makeup application, or damage caused to the hair. No refunds are given after the service has been performed for any reason.

Photos taken on the day may be used on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and The Land of Looks Beauty Salon’s website. Please state if you do not wish for this to happen.


Please phone me on 0481957149 if you need to cancel the booking within 48 hours of the booked day. Text messages and emails are not a reliable form of contact for cancellations at short notice. Booking fee is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled at any time. If 1 or more persons decide they no longer would like their service within 14 days of the booking, full payment for that person must still be made. I will send out a confirmation email or text prior to all bookings, if we have not received a reply within 48 hours, the booking will be considered a cancellation.

By making a booking and paying the booking fee with The Land of Looks Beauty Salon you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions.

Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions.
56 Woongarra Street, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670
0481 957 149