Skin Treatments

Signature TLOL Facial 30mins 


(A little bit of bliss for the skin & soul including a cleans , Swedish Facial massage & mask)

Customised Murid Peel 30mins 


(Indulge your Skin by providing the extra boost it’s craving, including a Cleanse, Customised Murad Peel, Hot Towel Compressions and Murad Mask. This delightful treatment provides an advanced exfoliation while treating and soothing the Skin)

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up 60mins


(A beautiful way to relive built up stress by indulging in a customised skin treatment, Swedish facial massage, Hand & arm massage & hot towel compressions)

Good to Glow 60mins 


(Immerse yourself within a treatment, Hot towel compressions, Swedish Facial Massage & vitamin C treatment)

The Breakout Buster 60mins


(The ultimate addition to reliving that stress skin with a Customised Skin Treatment, Hot Towel Compressions, Swedish Facial Massage and Hand & Arm Massage)

Tranquil Skin Treat 75mins 


(The ultimate relaxation delight that will have your Skin begging for more! Enjoy a Customised Skin Treatment with professional and specifically designed technology infused Facial. A true “Client Result Driven” Treatment with Swedish Massage Techniques and Hot Towel Compressions)

Hydrodermabrasion Facial                                                                           $120
(Our Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™ combines tried-and-true microdermabrasion exfoliation technology with ultra-hydrating fluids that penetrate deep into your skin, allowing your skin cells to drink in all the nourishing ingredients it needs for a fresh and healthy new beginning)